Catch small car problems before they turn into big repairs with a free Courtesy Check.

Come to Carpit automobile Complete Auto Care for any service and you’ll receive a free Courtesy Check for your vehicle. It’s our goal to help you keep your car in tip-top shape, but we know that can be hard to do if you don’t know what’s going on under the hood. With our Courtesy Checks, we make sure that nothing remains a mystery!

During your inspection, a knowledgeable technician will visually examine your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery, hoses, and more. They’ll keep an eye out for any existing problems or soon-to-be problems, so that you can either have them fixed on-the-spot or start budgeting for an important repair in the near future. By catching potential issues early, a car inspection will not only save you time, money, and headaches. It’ll also extend the life of your vehicle.

We’re committed to the health of your car, and that health begins with expert vehicle inspections.


Your complimentary auto inspection will start with a free battery test. This will tell you about how much life is left in your battery and at what temperature it could fail. A qualified technician will then visually examine:

  • Battery Related Components
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Headlights, Mini Lights
  • Air Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter (if accessible)
  • PCV Valve (if applicable)
  • Fluid Levels
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Tire Condition
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Tire Tread Depth
  • Illuminated TPMS Light
  • Alignment Check


Sometimes it can be pretty obvious that your car isn’t working the way it should. Think squeaky brakes, plumes of smoke from the exhaust, or maybe fluid leaks in the driveway. Unusual sights, smells, or sounds can all be signs that your vehicle needs help.

But what if you’re not sure if you need an inspection? It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment if…

  • Your vehicle has any illuminated dashboard lights
  • You hear strange sounds coming from any part of your car
  • Your engine won’t start sometimes
  • Your car pulls to one side of the road, even though you’re steering straight
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